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How Do You Build a Brick Barbecue?

August 6th, 2019 | by David Paul

For those who have a nice outdoor area and enjoy cooking meat on open flames, this might be perfect for you. You don’t always have to fork out hundreds of pounds for a 4-burner gas BBQ, definitely not. Instead you can spend a minimal amount of money and still have a great barbecuing area to get your grill on and showcase your cooking talent to your friends and family.

Build a Brick

So, what do you need to get your brick barbecue ready for burgers and sausages? Not much, in fact, if you devote an entire Saturday to it and already have the essentials, you’ll be grilling by Sunday morning – maybe even Saturday night if you push it.

Brick Barbecue

Brick Barbecues: The Necessities

Like most DIY jobs, you need to prepare and have all the right equipment before you start. It’s a good plan to make a check-list of all the things you need; luckily for you, we can help with that:

  • Bricks – this might come as a bit of a surprise, but you will need bricks to build your brick barbecue I’m afraid to say.
  • Cooking Tray – you need something to cook your food on; you might have your own already, but if you don’t you can get some from here
  • Sand & Cement – 4 parts sand to 1 part cement is ideal (fire cement may be beneficial).
  • Spirit Level – you don’t want an uneven grill, your sausages will roll to one side else!

Those are the main things you need, but you might also want to opt for a couple of metal ties to give a bit of reinforcement. If you don’t have any ‘inner walls’ this isn’t really needed, so don’t worry about it too much.

bbq in the garden - brick barbecue

Building a Brick Barbecue: Step By Step Guide

I should apologise that we don’t have any pictures for this guide, but it’s fairly simplistic, so hopefully you should be able to follow the steps without too many problems.

1) Place the cooking tray on the ground and use this as a marker for laying out the first layer of bricks. Where possible try and keep the bricks completely whole rather than cutting them as it will save you time.

2) Once you’ve got the layout as you want, you’ll want to mix 5 parts of sand to 1 part cement and add an appropriate amount of water. Before spreading the mortar, make sure the ground is level (if not, place additional mortar in certain areas to balance it).

3) To get straight lines for the outer edge of the barbecue, place the spirit level in the mortar for a guideline. Now lay the bricks and double check they’re all sitting level. At this stage you might also want to add some metal ties to the bricks to provide extra structural strength.

brick barbecue

4) Now you’re ready to add more layers of bricks. Make sure you start at the corners and it’s advisable to stagger bricks vertically (half the width of a brick) until you hit 5 levels. Now check that the corners are level with each other; if your level isn’t long enough, use a piece of wood.

5) If everything is going to plan, you’ll be ready to build the entire barbecue up to 7 levels using the same method as we mentioned before. At this level, you’ll want to turn roughly 3 bricks on each of the walls (where your tray will sit) sideways to provide support for the charcoal tray. Then you’ll want to do the same again for the main grill tray after another 3 levels of bricks!

6) Now tidy up the cement on the outside to give it a bit of a cleaner look. Depending on the design and layout of the brick barbecue you can also add preparation surfaces with a slab for example.

So there we have the complete guide to building a brick barbecue. If you have any other tips that we could use then why not post in the comment section and we will update it.

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