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Published on August 6th, 2019 | by David Paul


Don’t put the BBQ to away just yet!

With the days becoming sharper and the weather nipping at our toes you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is the time of year when you treat your barbecue to an extra special clean before covering and storing in the shed. However, by packing it away now, you will be missing out on a true British barbecue experience, and even though we’re famed for our damp days and subzero winters, in Britain many of us are realising that the Barbecue can be exploited all year round.

Don’t put the BBQ to away just yet!

The barbecue is a fantastic cooking method for filling whole villages with the aroma of sizzling sausages and it’s guarantee that if you lead the way and show how culinary savvy you are, your neighbours won’t be far behind and your town will soon be relishing those meaty whiffs all through the winter.

Don’t put the BBQ to away just yet

Of course this week we have bonfire night, which wouldn’t be complete without hotdogs, baked potatoes, burgers, toasted marshmallows and toffee apples, however even if you picture cooking these delights on flames topped with a stuffed Guy Fawkes, the reality is the fire will probably be too hot to handle. Whether you’ve invited a host of friends, or are just enjoying a family bonfire, a barbecue set to the side will ensure everyone experiences the full bonfire experience late into the night, as they feast on fat sausages and hot chocolate.

Enjoy the barbecue with a bonfire

You don’t have to have a bonfire to enjoy a winter barbecue though, many people like to add a patio heater to their decking, and wrapping up warm with a glass of wine and a barbecue, can make al fresco dining undeniably magical.

There are also indoor barbecues, so you can have flame grilled burgers and toasted peppers even if it’s raining.

Enjoy the barbecue with a bonfire

If you’re feeling quite extravagant a Nordic Barbecue is a distinctive feature and bound to add mystery and intrigue to any garden. In a hexagonal shape these wooden structures sit comfortably in any plot, with a chargrill set into the floor and a chimney for smoke to flee from. Furnished with cushions guests will revel in the outdoor dining experience as they sit cross legged waiting for their marinated pork chop whilst benefitting from the heat of the grill.

Vegetarians can enjoy barbecues

Even vegetarians enjoy a good barbecue, roasted corn, capsicums, aubergines and courgettes deliver a smoky flavour that is impossible to recreate in an oven or frying pan.Fish lovers are spoilt for choice and adding salmon direct will give a very crispy skin, whilst other fish can be added in tin foil or en papilot with winter herbs such as rosemary and thyme, letting them absorb the flavours as the flames lick the food.

Vegetarians can enjoy barbecues

As an extra special treat for your community, try sparking up a barbecue when you are expecting the carol singers, or the children asking for their penny for the guy. Travelling from house to house in scarves and wooly hats, these door knockers will be bowled over and enchanted by the donation of a hotdog, and the calories will enable them to go that little bit further!

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